GKE: Setting up HTTP(S) on ingress using pre-shared certificate

Google Domain
gcloud compute addresses create my-app-ip --global
gcloud compute addresses describe my-app-ip --global
gcloud compute ssl-certificates create my-app-ingress-cer \
--certificate my-website.pem --private-key my-website.key
gcloud compute ssl-certificates list
  • kubernetes.io/ingress.global-static-ip-name is the name of your reserved static ip
  • ingress.gcp.kubernetes.io/pre-shared-cert is the name of your certificate resource created
  • Replace www.my-website.page with your website.
  • Replace “app-name” with your app name.
  • Replace 5000 with your service port.
  • The ingress will route external traffic to the service specified.
  • First field: subdomain, ex: www
  • Second field: The global static ip you reserved



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Key Intouch

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